Hello there!

I’m Stephanie Proper from Portland, Oregon. Currently, this website is my favorite project. I’m fully committed to it and I invest a lot of time and energy in its development. It’s all about helping people find and get the jobs they deserve.

If you browsed through this website and liked what you saw, you’re probably interested to know who stands behind it.

I obtained a B.S. Management degree in Human Resources Management from Arkansas State University in 2007. The highlights of my career are the Career Strategist position for fxMBConsluting, SanFrancisco, and Human Resources Manager for Anderson Limited, Hong Kong. Yup, I live in Hong Kong. The city is even more awesome than you imagine.

I’ve been planning to start properresumes.com for quite some time. The idea was foggy at first, but I knew its main purpose: to help people go through the job search and application process as smoothly as possible. I know how stressful it is to go through college with success and face the cruel job market.

I can speak from a hiring manager’s point of view: they want to help you. However, they have to be focused on the organization’s growth, and they can’t hire everyone. They have a limited timeframe to assess your skills and capacity. You have to help them see your potential. It’s a process of collaboration.

That’s why the application documents and interview are so important. My goal is to help you go through those stages with success. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to drop me a message.