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Arielle.com.au Overview

Arielle is an Australian resume CV writing service that makes it hard for a visitor to understand what exactly it delivers. “We’re a boutique-style executive branding firm.” Wait, what? All we got was many fancy words just to say that they offer executive resumes. Okay; there was no need to complicate that.

You click on Services to see what exactly you can get, and scroll through an endless page that doesn’t give you that information. To make things worse, the website is slow to load and it’s hard to figure out how much a resume costs.

We found the information about pricing in the FAQ (which takes a lot scrolling through the Services section). The prices for resume writing start above $1,500. This price is huge even for an Executive resume. When you get to this position, you already have that money. But is it fair for a service to require them just because you can pay. For this level of work, other services will charge around $300.

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Arielle.com.au Quality

The quality of the resumes here is good. The writers deliver well-formatted content that’s ready to be submitted. But if we’re being honest about it, this work is not worth the money. Yes; an executive-level job applicant has a lot of experience and licensing to list in a resume. But that’s just a list, and the remaining part of the document is similar to any other resume.

We’ve tried brilliant services that delivered resumes of this level without overcharging. Arielle is taking advantage of the candidate’s status. It tricks you into paying more by repeating the word “executive” all over the website.

Arielle.com.au Customer Support

There’s something that looks like a live chat at this website. That’s nice, if you like talking to a bot. The chat is not effective. It doesn’t even let you write a message. It starts the conversation and lets you choose “yes” or “no” as answers. When we finally got to write a message in the chat, we asked: “How much does a resume cost?” We got the message – Your chat has ended.

That’s ridiculous for a service that tries to leave the impression of high-level professionalism. When you pay thousands for a single resume, you expect decent support.

Arielle.com.au Delivery

There’s no info on the delivery time. We tried getting it from the customer support, but the live chat doesn’t work.

As it turns out, the service usually takes more than 5 days to deliver an executive resume. This is a longer document when compared to an entry-level resume, but it still shouldn’t take that much time.

The final impression about Arielle.com is very negative. Although the writers write and edit well, they don’t deliver content that’s so special to justify the outrageous price.

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