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CapstoneResumes.com Overview

At first sight, CapstoneResumes seems like a really cool service. That’s because its website looks nice and informative. Plus, it seems like this company does it all:resumes, CVs, LinkedIn profiles, interview coaching, career coaching, cover letters… basically everything you need when looking for a job.

It’s not easy to find the prices for all these services, but they are there. Just search for the precise product you need, and you’ll get your price with a list of suggested addons.

This is a new service. It still doesn’t have a team large enough to cover all those services. You’ll notice the team includes only six writers and one member of the support team. No matter how good they are, they can’t be effective working on multiple orders at the same time. That’s exactly why I see CapstoneResumes reviews of customers complaining. Mein is no different.

I decided to place an order and see what the writers were capable of. I’ll share the details in the CapstoneResumes.com review that follows.

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 CapstoneResumes.com Quality

Although the team is small, the writers’ bios seem confident. I got the impression I was dealing with certified writers who could complete outstanding resumes and cover letters. Unfortunately, CapstoneResumes.com was a huge disappointment.

Although I included the hiring manager’s name and company’s contact information, the writer didn’t bother featuring them in the cover letter. She delivered a plain, dry cover letter we’ve seen hundreds of times before. As for the resume, it was just as disappointing. I deliberately included unnecessary information in the instructions, just to see how the writer would handle it. This resulted in a resume that was too long.

 CapstoneResumes.com Customer Support

I was trying to think of one positive aspect for this CapstoneResumes review, but even the customer support is no good. You get an email and phone number, as well as a contact form at the website. That’s cool. But, the support system doesn’t work. The representative did respond to our complaint, but she was extremely rude and unhelpful. She just said I got what I paid for.

The website doesn’t feature the company’s terms and conditions, so it’s not like you can ask for your money back. They will find an excuse not to give you a refund.

 CapstoneResumes.com Delivery

The only good thing about the delivery was the speed. Yes, the writer delivered both the resume and cover letter in three business days. However, I have to admit that this level of quality doesn’t take too long. The writer was not available after the delivery. Although the website says you get one free revision if necessary, they seemed to think it was not necessary for me.

Overall, the service didn’t justify the investment.

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 CapstoneResumes.com Payment Options

You can use Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover.

 CapstoneResumes.com Discount System

There is no discount available for a new or existing client.

One thought on “CapstoneResumes.com Review (4.5/10)

  1. My career would be on a stand-by if I still waited for them. Other capstoneresumes review online are right! The price and the quality of the writing and their support staff doesn’t match at all. No thanks, I won’t be ordering ever again.

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