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CareerProCanada.ca Overview

The CPC or the Career Professionals of Canada is a website for courses and certifications of different kinds. At first, I thought it was some kind of a resume service. But, they don’t write resumes at all. In fact, their courses are primarily oriented on resume writing, interview preparations, as well as training people to write resumes professionally. But, they are far from limited to only this.

It took me some time to get around the website (it’s very complex and disorganized), but I finally found a list of courses. They offer career development ethics and standards training, interview training, transition training, and resume creation training. When you complete a course, you get a certificate.

So basically, instead of helping you write a resume, the website teaches you to write them. It teaches everything related to career search and career branding. However, their courses only split into more courses, making you spend thousands of dollars on completing a single big course.


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Most courses available cost over $500 and when I opened the pricing list for courses, even more options appeared. For example, the site has courses for technology optimized resumes, real-world resume strategy, employment interview coaching, and whatnot.

Choosing more than one would mean that I spend a thousand dollars on a single website, so I just decided to give the one a go.

The results were very disappointing. I went through a short course that cost me a fortune and learned the very basics of resume writing. I could have learned all this by reading an online article, or simply ordered a bunch of resumes that would serve me for years to come. After all, I paid over $500 for a single certificate.

Customer Support

The only way to speak to the support of the company is via phone or email. I didn’t have any basis for a refund since I received the certificate and so-called resume training, but I still decided to write them an e-mail and tell them how unhappy I am with their training.

The website also offers to help you find people to write your resume, probably the ones that work with them or have received certificates there. Judged by how little I learned in a single, highly priced course, I wouldn’t choose those writers.


There isn’t much to say about delivery since the only thing the company delivered was my certificate. I got it once I finished the course, which wasn’t a trouble at all. Obviously, as long as you’re willing to spend a lot of money on a course, you’ll finish it without any trouble. This won’t prepare you much for writing resumes or interviews (depending on what course you choose), and it won’t at all provide you with a resume or any other job related assistance.

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