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Careersbydesign.ca Overview

A ‘personal branding service’ sounded very intriguing and inviting to me as a job seeker. So, despite the very plain and poorly organized website design of Careersbydesign.ca, I decided to give this a go. It’s a strange choice, though, to choose a name focused on design and spend what I believe is a rushed period on designing the official website.

It took me a while to find my way around the website, but I finally managed to do it and order a resume product from them. It turns out that their branding service is actually a counseling service for career seekers, and they also offer resume products.

Careersbydesign is led by Tammy, a person who sounds well-established. Even so, I found this service to be very secretive about prices and extremely slow at processing information. Their annoying and unprofessional statement: ‘Please confirm that our resume and professional branding fees are within your budget. Prices range from $288 and up’ is just a peak into what expected me when I spoke to the service’s employees.

Basically, you can’t even proceed to see the rates unless you confirm to them that you have money.


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CareersByDesign.ca Quality

The quote I mentioned probably chases many potential customers away from the website, but I decided to give it a shot. So, I ordered at a price that was so unbelievably high, I don’t see how any job seeker would want to pay it. My order exceeded $350 for a resume, which is something I have never paid for such a service before.

With that price, you’d think that you’d get amazing results. But, what I got was a resume that looked as if it came out of a template and honestly, I don’t think it could impress anyone.

Customer Support

All comments speak of Tammy, but in fact, she’s just the leader of a bigger company with an entire team behind her. So, you won’t necessarily work with her on your resume. In fact, we never spoke to Tammy.

To speak to the support, we had to go through not one, but three steps. They have a ‘client happiness agent’ called Nisha. Interestingly, none of these steps include information or mention of problems with services. They first convince you to purchase more sessions, then ask you to confirm that you have a lot of money, and finally schedule a call from Nisha.

Nisha did call, but she did not help. No one revised my resume because apparently, I should have paid for more sessions for better results.

CareersByDesign Delivery

The process at getting actual help here is so lengthy, I don’t see why someone would put up with all the hassle. You have to spend a lot of time to schedule a session, a fortune to get anything from the website, and have literally no guarantee that this will work.

Based on all this, the only good thing about the website are the guides in the blog provided by the site’s creator.

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