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CVSaviour.com.au Overview

  • - For recent graduates and all job applicants who can’t write, resume writing is a huge challenge.
  • - That’s true. Hey; let’s use that fact and charge a lot for average content! It’s a great idea!

Okay; that was a fictive conversation. But it sure sounds like something the creators of this website were thinking. They try to convince you that almost $3K for a package (resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile) is a reasonable price to pay. Even if these writers delivered the best resumes you’ve ever seen, that would still be a high price.

The problem is that these writers don’t deliver the best resumes. They deliver average quality that’s not worth paying for.
The website looks well, though. It clearly outlines the prices, and it has an informative FAQ section. The best part is the blog. If you’re looking for job hunting tips, you’ll benefit from the free articles here. You can also see resume examples that help you complete your own document.
cvsaviour.com.au overview

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CV Saviour Quality

We ordered an entry-level resume, which costs $419. At other sites, you can get a resume plus cover letter for less than $200, and it will be much better than the one we got from CVSaviour.

But we still got a resume here, since we made a commitment to job hunters to share truthful reviews.

The quality was similar to the samples you can read at their website. In fact, it was a bit too similar. It was obvious that the resume was based on a template and they only changed the candidate’s details. The same generic sentences were there.
CVSaviour.com.au prices

CVSaviour.com.au Customer Support

You can easily use the form to send a message. You’ll need to add your email and choose a subject to do that. We tried to contact the support when we wanted to complain about the lack of uniqueness in the resume. Unfortunately, no one responded to the message.

We repeatedly asked for assistance and nothing happened. We tried the phone number, but no one answered.
When you pay such an expensive price and get no support whatsoever, you can’t help but feel betrayed.

CVSaviour Delivery

They don’t mention any deadlines at the site. There’s only one price for each type of resume, and they don’t tell you when it will be ready.

Fortunately, the writer took only two days to complete the order. It was a single resume and it was based on a template, so that’s not impressive, to say the least.

Bottom line – CV Saviour looks like a legit service at first, but it has problems. The prices are too high and the results are downright disappointing.

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