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DoMyResume.net Overview

At first sight, DoMyResume.net looks like a website my grandmother would build. Yes, that’s the most creative joke you could think for a site this basic. Still, the guarantees seem okay, so the service deserves a chance.

It’s impossible to find a detailed DoMyResume.net review written from an independent user, so I decided to do that. Let’s get one thing out of the way first: this is not the most user-friendly website you’ll see. The how it works section is so confusing that most visitors would choose to leave the website before finding out how the process works.

If you want a resume written from scratch, you’ll have to submit an order form and make a payment. Then, you’ll start working one-on-one with the resume writer. That seems great, but it didn’t work quite that well. A resume at this website costs $179, and the service we got didn’t justify the price.

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 DoMyResume.net Quality

If you take a look at the resume sample featured at the website, you’ll understand why this DoMyResume Net review isn’t entirely positive. The sample is flooded with keywords such as “exceptional, exceptionally, leverage, deliver, manage, develop, train…” It’s like they took a list of power words and put them in random sentences. That’s exactly how the resume we got looked like.

Don’t get this wrong; power words are cool. However, they have to be implemented in a logical way. This resume was too general. Those claims were not supported with factual information, although we provided such details during the ordering process.

 DoMyResume.net Customer Support

Finally, here is something positive to say in this DoMyResume review: the customer support is fine. You can contact the company’s offices in different locations. There’s a general phone number, too. If you don’t come from any of these cities, that’s the one you’ll probably use. You can also send an email or use the contact form at the website.

The representatives are quick to respond, although they are not available 24/7.

 DoMyResume.net Delivery

Although DoMyResume promises direct communication with the resume writer, that didn’t happen for us. The writer did ask for initial information, but ignored our requests for drafts. She delivered the resume in 3 days. Although this was supposed to be just a draft subjected to revisions, the writer refused our requests for revisions. She said the resume was fine and it would go through the application process with success. Needless to say, they didn’t refund our money.

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 DoMyResume.net Payment Options

They offer 4 payments methods: American Express, Discover, Visa, and MasterCard,

 DoMyResume.net Discount System

One interesting point I'd like to use it's Free Resume Revision. Other discounts are not available.

4 thoughts on “DoMyResume.net Review (5.5/10)

  1. Honestly, I was excited to try out these guys because of some domyresume reviews, but these were obviously fake. They are so expensive, and their knowledge of the English language is questionable! My resume turned out all fluff!

  2. The resume they did for me produced almost no results. All they say is they did a good job
    I am very unhappy wit this service and I have gotten far better results from resume services and 25% of the price
    Do my resume .net is worthless as far as I am concerned and I intend to sue them to get my $350 back
    There are services at 1/4 of the price that do a better job so please don’t get taken by these people

  3. If you believe that the person who gets to know you on the phone and then writes your resume should actually be paid for their work, then do not hire this company.

    I worked for this company for five months, and would not recommend them to anyone. I remain unpaid for work that I did. I’ve reached out to the company owner, Jerome Caywood, (who disguises himself as a customer service person) and was told that I couldn’t be paid for work that I had completed towards the end of 2017 because it was “a new year” and his “payroll department” had no way of going back to last year’s books to pay me.

    I sent multiple emails, called and texted a dozen times, and mailed him a letter outlining detailed documents (in which he said in writing he would pay me, and thanked me for the work I did), and I remain unpaid. And guess what the worst part is? He’s done it to more than just me. If you read other Yelp reviews, you’ll see it. Jerome Caywood hires people and then ghosts to avoid paying them. He also lies. Check out DoMyresume.NET’s complains on Better Business Bureau. He replies to them by claiming he “never did business with this person.” Just like he will probably say I never worked for his company.

    All I ever wanted was to just be paid for the quality work I did under contract for his company. Now I am having to spend valuable working hours pursuing my money in other ways.

    Also, Jerome’s “money back guarantee” if you don’t get an interview is basically a fraudulent way of getting business with zero intention of ever refunding your money if your resume doesn’t get interviewed. He also claims to have Certified Professional Resume Writers, yet I knew of zero during my time working with him. He also asks that his team lie to customers in Arizona so the customer believes we are all local – when in reality, all of his writers live in other states. Integrity and honesty are not this man’s strong suit.

    Do yourself a favor and hire another business. There are plenty of reputable resume writing services who believe in giving their customers honesty, and actually paying their writers for their time and services.

    1. Hello Julie. I am sorry about your experience. I worked for Jeremy before as well. He deletes negative reviews, contracts people from India to write his blog post, pays for social media follows/likes, and claims to be a Christian.

      I can confirm that his resume writers live in other states. They are not certified, nor do they get paid much. He threatens you with legal action if you leave the company. It is one big scam.

      His “payroll department” is a contracted HR services in which he pays-as-he-goes. He is a lie. Period.

      I felt terrible working for him. He is a one-man show. People are overpaying for services.

      I saw that you left a Glassdoor Review for his company. Did you see how he recently deleted your review (April 2018)? This is what he does. He has connections with someone that works for Yelp and told me how he has those deleted too. However, if you look at the earliest reviews, going back a few years ago, you will see that his wife was the one leaving positive reviews.

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