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EmploymentBoost.com Overview

Employmentboost.com is an originally high priced resume writing service, but the fact that they offer up to $35 off with discounts code is very confusing. This somewhat counterparts the original prices since everyone can use these reductions, which makes the company's website information very misleading.

This is not all. Even though employmentboost.com features a website with highly professional design and good navigation, we find the information presented on it to be very vague and confusing. And even with the solid discount codes and price reductions, the prices remain some of the highest we have seen in this market.

If you are looking for a resume, cover letter or even some coaching, this company offers it all. However, make sure to pay close attention to the pages and information presented on them, since the order of information and even description is too confusing for any visitor who picks this website.

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 EmploymentBoost.com Quality

The company has some interesting choice of packages when it comes to resumes and cover letters, but seeing that they are outrageously high, we decided to go for the middle option – 'Premium Resume and Cover Letter'. Out of the five features offered here, the company delivered only two of them right.

Basically, the resume and cover letter we got were of below average quality, but the company agreed to provide us with a revision. However, after the first revision which we got four days later, they rejected our second request since the revision policy is only 7 days.
With such a short timeframe for revisions, the company really needs to work on the revisions faster.

 EmploymentBoost.com Customer Support

Unfortunately, you are looking at yet another company that failed to provide visitors with round-the-clock assistance. This means that you can only reach their agents during working hours, which is something that the website does not really explain. We found no working hours information, so we had to use the messaging center and ask our questions there.

In addition to this, you can use the many phone number options in the Contact page. However, these also work during working hours and unfortunately, we could not reach the company's agents even though we tried several times.

We got a response to our messages within 12 hours, which can be a very long period if you are fighting a tight deadline.

 EmploymentBoost.com Delivery

Our experience in terms of delivery was positive. Employmentboost.com did deliver our package on time, even though we still remain unhappy with their revision delivery. Of course, revisions have no set deadline, but everyone expects to get an improved package within the shortest time possible.

In addition to this, we found concerning feedback regarding delivery online. Many customers complained that the company failed to meet their deadline.

All things considered, this is not a resume service we can vouch for. The writing team did some poor job with our order and the editing team was so slow that they ruined our shot at getting a second free revision. So, there goes their free revision policy.

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 EmploymentBoost.com Payment Options

There are 4 options available: MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express.

 EmploymentBoost.com Discount System

The company offers great discounts:

One thought on “EmploymentBoost.com Review (5.9/10)

  1. I had a similar experience with employmentboost.com early this year when I need a resume and cover letter. I was disappointed with the quality of the final product and when I asked for a revision it require around 5 additional days. It wasn’t that I was in an urgent rush but rather than by the time I could review the edited version, I was already outside of the 7 day revision period. I asked for an exception to the policy so that I could finalize the things I needed but was refused. I wouldn’t recommend them especially when you take the costs into account.

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