Regardless of your academic performance or skills, at the end, getting hired will depend on a single piece of content, – the infamous cover letter. Taking a big part of every job application, you need to make sure that this letter is perfect if you want to get the job.

Why is Your Engineering Cover Letter Important?

The objective of writing a cover letter engineering is not only to land the job you want but to be chosen as one of the best through the employer’s first hiring filter. This may be an intern or HR staff person, depending on the firm, but the person selecting the best candidates will most certainly base most of their opinion on your cover letter.

Therefore, a cover letter is important because of its three main objectives:

  • Show your interest in the position
  • Present your understanding and qualifications for the job
  • Encourage an invitation for an interview and further communication

The hiring manager should remain interested in the candidate and not filter the application as garbage. A good cover letter serves to make the reader believe that you are worth their time and the job position in question.

Engineer Cover Letter Types

Engineering is a wide field that creates various engineer career opportunities. To help you out, we have selected a list of the most popular engineering specialties. The qualifications and goal of each of these types will vary, in addition to the level of the applicant.

Not only you need to pay attention to details such as advanced or entry level engineering cover letter, but also to the following specialties:

Aerospace Engineer Cover Letter

The study of the development, production, and design of air and spacecraft.

Agricultural Engineer Cover Letter

Also known as biological engineering, this type covers aquaculture, forestry and land farming.

Automotive Engineer Cover Letter

The study of research, development, and design of vehicles and their systems.

Biomedical Engineer Cover Letter

A combination of biology, engineering, and medicine. Serves to design and analyze solutions regarding patient care.

Chemical Engineer Cover Letter

Critical to nanotechnology, computing and energy storage. Chemical engineers manipulate the interaction of molecules and atoms.

Civil Engineering Cover Letter

Specializes in construction and design of bridge, road, water and building supply systems.

Computer Engineer Cover Letter

Serves to improve and develop software and hardware programs and make the computers run.

Electrical Engineer Cover Letter

Use engineering science and principles to improve and protect the environment.

Geological Engineer Cover Letter

Geological engineering applies earth sciences to known human problems. It includes fields such as geology and civil engineering, as well as forestry, mining and geography.

Marine Engineer Cover Letter

Responsible for the construction and design of seagoing structures and vessels, this science focuses on the internal systems such as environmental, onboard electrical and propulsion systems.

Mechanical Engineer Cover Letter

Study of energy, motion, and force, controlled by using a combination of materials and economic and human resources.

Petroleum Engineer Cover Letter

Specializes in developing and designing methods and technology for digging the surface of the earth, all with the goal to extract gas and oil.

Software Engineer Cover Letter

Software engineers take charge of the design testing, maintenance and development of computer software, both for personal and business use.

Knowing the job you want to apply for allows you to create a more appealing cover letter. If you fail to include this information in the cover letter, the potential employer will not know which job you are interested in. Therefore, you must pick an engineering specialty and get educated and trained based on this decision.

Tips and Tricks for Writing Excellent Engineering Cover Letters

In order to write a brilliant engineering internship cover letter or apply for an engineering job position, you have to prepare and dedicate a sufficient amount of time. To help you out, our experts at made a list of steps you must take to write the best cover letter for engineering internship or job:

  1. Research the company that offers the job or internship. You can use the Internet as a research tool, or speak to an employer to get some general information about their business model and operations. This will help you present yourself as the best fit for the job.
  2. Make sure your letter states the job you are applying for, the reasons why you should be hired and encourages further communication.
  3. Proofread the letter before submitting it and thank them for the consideration.

That’s it! Once you get the hang of it, it is not as difficult as you thought it is in the beginning. By approaching your cover letter carefully and dedicating some time in writing it, you are opening a path to future success and a good career. Good luck!

Acing Your Engineering Cover Letter

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