You like You’d like to contribute to this blog? I’d love that!

I’m happy to accept high-quality blog posts as long as they are relevant to our niche and they meet the guiding points.

Before you submit your post, please read the following guidelines. They will help you find the perfect topic and tone that would fit in.

Why Write For My Website

First of all, let me explain what ProperResumes is. I started this website with the intention to help job hunter to write the perfect resumes. We all know how hard it is to search for a new job and send out applications. You send several without getting an answer. The problem is usually found in the way the resume, CV, LinkedIn profile, or cover letter is written. You may have all the right qualifications, but if you fail to craft the perfect application, you won’t get noticed.

This website helps job applicants to get noticed. If you want to become part of that solution, you’re welcome to contribute with a guest post.

So why would you want to write for my website?

  • - We’ll help students get internships.
  • - We’ll help job applicants to get interviews.
  • - We’ll help them do well at those interviews.
  • - We’ll share experience relevant to the job hunting process.
  • - We’ll help people build careers.

Who doesn’t want to be part of such a solution?

Who Can Write Guest Posts?

If you’re a great writer and you have a topic that fits in, I believe you’ll do just fine.

To be precise with the answer, these are the types of writers I prefer most when it comes to accepting guest posts:

  • - Individual specialists in any industry. Maybe you own a graphic design studio. Maybe you’re the owner of any kind of small business. Maybe you’re a manager in a huge corporation. Maybe you’re a hiring manager with tons of experience on evaluating candidates. It doesn’t matter; any kind of specialist can contribute to the base of knowledge we developed at this website. Whatever your position is, I believe you can share valuable tips with job hunters.
  • - Students. You don’t have to be a business owner or hiring manager to have important material for a blog post. If you’re a student with extensive experience in internships or part-time jobs, you’re welcome to share your wisdom here. If you want to write a critique on the educational system that prevents you from grabbing job opportunities, feel free to share! I invite students to write about any issues related to the job application process. We’ve built quite a supportive community at this website. People will offer help and answers, and I’m sure we’ll move towards solutions.
  • - Job seekers. Proper Resumes is all about you! What experiences have you faced during the job application process? Have you attended some weird interviews? Have you cracked the applicant tracking system? Did you find the key to writing a perfect resume? Maybe you want to simply share your problems and suggest possible solutions? Just share your experiences! I’m always excited to hear more of them.

What Types of Content Are Good to Go?

Let me give you a straight answer to that. I accept two types of content for the blog:

  • - Articles. Surprise, surprise! I’m looking for high-quality content that delivers value to the readers. That usually means long-form content (1200+ words). The audience here has consisted of job seekers. The guest posts have to suggest solutions to the issues they face. The articles have to be 100% unique! I’ll check! If you use a source, reference it.
  • - Infographics. I love them and my readers love them! Infographics are cool because they fit tons of details without making the content look overwhelming. So if you want to tackle a topic with tons of stats and numbers, the infographic format may be the perfect option.


I leave the topic up to you. As long as it fits in few general categories, it’s good. These are the topic categories that are of interest to my audience:

  • - Career success. How to achieve it?
  • - Professions and job types. What entry-level jobs lead to a particular position? What skills does a specific position require? What education do you need for a certain profession?
  • - Job search. How do you find the perfect ads and how do you apply? How do you get an interview?
  • - Resume tips. What does the perfect resume look like and how can you write it?
  • - Job interviews. This is the scariest part of the job hunting process. How do you handle it?

Whether you want to share personal experience or expert tips on a topic from any of these categories, it will be fine for a guest post.

Acceptable Links

Links add value for our readers. When they read a post and they want more background information on an important point, it would be useful for them to click a link that leads to an authoritative source of information.

But be careful with the links! They must be absolutely relevant to the content. They must lead to a reputable website.
I will not accept promotional links in the guest posts and I reserve the right to remove them before publishing the content.

Links to product pages or home pages are not accepted. Link only to relevant content!


Make the headline catchy! It should grab the attention of someone who scrolls through their Facebook feed. But I don’t want clickbaits! The headline should be descriptive, so the reader will know what to expect.


You’ll notice that this blog mainly features long-form articles. 1200 words is the minimum! I will consider slightly shorter posts only if they are incredibly useful to the audience. But if you want to increase your chances to get published, please submit content of 1200+ words.

As for infographics, there’s no word count minimum. Just make them great!


It’s not allowed! Reference your sources. Always!

I solely accept unique content that has never been published elsewhere.

Submitting Guest Posts

I’d like to get a pitch before receiving a full-sized post. I’ll help you pick the best topic and stick to the theme of the website.

Just send me a message through the contact form. Use “Guest post proposal” as the subject line. I’ll get back to you ASAP. I will not answer messages with any other subject.