How important is your internship resume if you are planning to work for free anyway? Is there any point to writing a perfect internship resume and how do you do it?

How Can A Good Internship Resume Help Your Career?

Since you are giving away your time and your efforts for free, one may wonder why you should bother writing a good resume for internship. In addition, the internship you take may not affect how well you pass your qualification. Whether your internship is done in a massive London hospital, or a small clinic on Scottsdale, you will probably still get your qualification if you put in enough hours and do what you are supposed to.

Your internship will help you with your career later on in life. It may teach you things that other graduates do not know yet. Plus, some internships come with a great deal of prestige. After all, if you wish to be a director and you worked as Quentin Tarantino’s intern, then it has more prestige than if you worked for Back-Alley Bob while he filmed cheap foot cream commercials for cable TV. A good internship resume may help you secure a position that firstly helps you get your qualification, and secondly helps you become better at your job and may even help you get a job when you have graduated. Those are two just ways that your internship resume may help you.

How To Write A Resume For An Internship With The Company Or Institution You Choose

Your first job is to define what type of industry you wish to work in. The question isn’t as easy as it seems because many qualifications have numerous uses. You may have taken a business course to help you manage a small firm of tailors, whereas your classmate and friend may have taken the course to help her become CEO of Microsoft.

Here are the main types of internship resumes:

  • Computer science internship resume
  • Marketing internship resume
  • Accounting internship resume
  • Engineering internship resume
  • Architectural resume for internship
  • Biology internship resume
  • Undergraduate resume for internship

Once you have defined the type of industry you wish to work in, you need to consider the type of people who you are writing your resume to. For example, if you are writing a computer science internship resume, then the type of person who will look at your resume is probably a bit of a social misfit who considers himself/herself to be lots of fun in private.

On the other hand, if you are writing a marketing internship resume, then you are probably writing to a very ruthless person who is very good with people in any sort of situation. In essence, you are identifying your target audience and tailoring your resume to suit your target audience.

Do not go too far when targeting your reader because you do not want to fall into the trap of believing all stereotypes. Take stereotypes into consideration, but do not lean on them.

For example, if you are writing an accounting internship resume, then it is safe to assume that the stereotype of the boring accountant is true, but do not lean on it too much in your resume. Do not claim to be a stamp collector and train spotter if you are not, and do not try to make your resume appear more stale or clinical under the belief that a boring person would prefer it that way.

When writing your resume, it is a good idea to push the qualities you have that your target reader may appreciate. Something as simple as mentioning your punctuality and perfect attendance record may be suitable for something such as an engineering internship resume or architecture internship resume because it speaks to your way of thinking and may indicate that you have a pragmatic way of thinking.

Do not try to oversell yourself because there are some occasions where you cannot win. For example, if you are writing a biological science internship resume then feel free to mention your knowledge and your great test scores, but don’t overstate it because the reader probably knows ten times more than you know right now. Mention your knowledge, test scores, and qualifications, but do not rely on them to help you get the internship.

If you are writing an undergraduate resume for internship, then mention your willingness to learn and your enthusiasm for the job. Don’t say you have a passion for the subject because that is what everybody writes. Be sincere with a positive attitude. A positive attitude will get you further than telling lies about how you have always dreamed of working with them.

Companies such as often conduct internship resume engineering and editing, and they know the power of being sincere and positive. Don’t be afraid to tell them outright that you want this internship. Some people get so caught up in the details of their CV that they don’t make it very clear that they want the internship. They write as if they are making a grocery list, and the employer/institution manager is put off by it.

Here are a few qualities your resume should have:

  • It should be positive and upbeat
  • You shouldn’t mention anything negative
  • Do not try to justify yourself or your actions
  • It should speak directly to the reader
  • You shouldn’t be afraid of being funny or personable
  • Do not try to be unique or original
  • Put yourself in the reader’s shoes

Creating Better Resumes For Internships

The list of things you shouldn’t do is probably longer than the list of things you should do, so here are a few things you shouldn’t do when you are writing internship resumes.

1) Do not come across as if you are bragging. You may think that bragging makes you seem confident, but from the employer’s perspective, you have very little to brag about.

2) Do not overly praise the reader because employers can smell ass-kissing from any distance.

3) Do not give your sob story because your employer will not be moved – he or she will be bored. If you are trying to give a passionate plea to your future internship employer, then don’t bother because the reader has heard it all before.

4) Never mention anything negative, even if you think it makes you look as if you achieved it all against the odds.

5) Finally, do not try to be original because your internship resume will read just like every other resume that tried to be original.

Conclusion – How To Write A Resume For Internship

You need to make it clear that you want the internship, you need to explain why, and you need to remain positive and upbeat. Some people include their hard-luck story as a way of showing that they can do it against all the odds, but that is not how the reader interprets it. The reader sees somebody who has had a hard-luck life and figures that person will drag their hard luck into their company and infect others with it. People like to hire lucky, happy and positive interns.

How To Write An Effective Internship Resume

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