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PurpleCV Overview

PurpleCV is a resume service provider that came into the business in 2012. It claims it has a team of professionals who write affordable CVs from scratch for job seekers. A lot has been said online about the site – I found both positive and negative PurpleCV reviews online. So, I decided to come up with an objective PurpleCV.co.uk review.

Getting on the landing page, what you'll find is a professionally built website, with a couple of good testimonials down the page, although I don’t judge a book by its cover. I also found out that this site is very active on social media, which is great.

I placed an order for a Specialist CV. And to my surprise, I’d have to wait for 5 days before PurpleCV delivers the package. I also found out that their services are quite expensive. For a package that includes a CV, Cover Letter and a LinkedIn Profile, you’ll be shocked to discover that you have to part with £245!

PurpleCV - overview

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PurpleCV.co.uk Quality

Quality is the most important factor and through it, we can separate the wheat from the chaff. Based on the quality of the CV I received from PurpleCV, I found out that the site only entered the details I provided in the order information in an already prepared template.

Also, the cover letter was terribly formatted and the LinkedIn profile was nothing above average. Although my order was meant for research purpose, I was still disappointed because I would have written and designed a better DIY CV in a shorter time.

PurpleCV.co.uk Customer Support

PurpleCV has two dedicated phone numbers for customer-related issues. If you would like to chat with their representatives online for the first time, you would have to fill in your email and your queries. And if you did, be ready to get bugged of frequent, annoying and unsolicited email adverts.

After supplying your email address, you would find a representative of the company responding to you within a few seconds. In my case, a certain Kate made me think the live chat is handled by an RPA system, due to the series of automated replies.

However, the real problem began after my first order. I needed a quick revision done and when I contacted customer support, no representative was around to attend to my messages.


PurpleCV failed to deliver on deadline and I don’t know why CV-writing should take 5 days and 13 hours to deliver on express.

Apparently, PurpleCV doesn't have professionals who write CVs from scratch as it claims. If you want a professionally-written and designed CV, I can’t recommend using PurpleCV, as it's nowhere near the best resume writing services yet. Find a better resume service provider else, your CV might end up in the trash can of hiring managers.

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PurpleCV offer discounts depending on your experience. You may save up to £30 for niche professions package.