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Resume.com Overview

Resume.com is a nice-looking website with a cool offer. It gives you a resume creator, which you can use if you want a usual resume based o a template. The resume builder is quite easy to use. You just pick your template, and there are several to choose from. In this Resume com review, we’ll give you information on the effectiveness of the free resume builder.

As for resume writing services, you won’t find those at this website. You’ll get few tips on how to write a resume, but that’s it. This is not a resume writing service. It’s just a website that gives you an easy-to-use builder.

If you already have experience in writing resumes, that will be really helpful. This tool gives you the right format, where you’ll put the needed information. If your goal is to save money and get a simple resume, then this is the right website for you. You’ll find more information in the Resume.com review that follows.

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 Resume.com Quality

The service was founded by a couple of unemployed guys, who couldn’t find an easy solution for creating a top-notch resume. In the About Us section, you can find information about the members of the team. You’ll notice there are not many writers there. That’s because they are not needed. You can’t get a resume written at this website.

As for the resume builder, it’s pretty good. You get few templates to choose from: Traditional, Improved, Large, Modern, Letter Block, Blue Skies, Heavy, notepad, Side Panel, and many others. The helpful builder tips will guide you along the process. You’ll still have to invest some effort to make the resume creative.

 Resume.com Customer Support

Since this is not a classic resume writing service where you pay to get your document written, there’s not much need for a 24/7 support system. However, the users could still use assistance when they get stuck while using the tool. Fortunately, there’s a customer support system at the website.

We tried contacting an agent and we got a helpful response, but it took an entire day. That’s too much waiting in our book. The only way to contact the support is through the form available at the website.

 Resume.com Delivery

We would describe the delivery as okay, as in most other Resume.com reviews you’ll find. This is a website that lets you build your own resume. If you have all details you need to include in the resume, it will take you an hour or so to complete it. Then, you just download it, and your resume will be ready to submit.

Be careful, though; resumes based on templates can be too generic and boring. The content you put in that template makes a huge difference. You have to be a really good writer if you want this to work.

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  Resume.com Payment Options

This service is absolutely free now.

 Resume.com Discount System

The site offers free services.

6 thoughts on “Resume.com Review (8.5/10)

  1. I probably won’t repurchase from them, because I read a very negative resume com review. Those experiences scare me completely, I don’t want to waste my money on scammers. If someone had such a bad experience, that means their service isn’t consistent.

    1. @William J – Just a heads up – Resume.com is now a completely free resume builder – free to create, edit, download, print & share your resume! Try it out again 🙂

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