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ResumeEdge.com Overview

ResumeEdge.com has been unavailable for some time now, but they are finally back on the market! When we previously looked at this service, it was a legit company with some serious disadvantages and varied feedback. Afterward, they decided to stop their services to new clients and take a break to make some changes.

Because of this, ResumeEdge reviews are very hard to find on the Web.

The company promises that a new strategy is applied after three decades of providing writing services, which spiked our interest and made us decide to evaluate the company and check what they have done.

Once you open their official website, you will find that the company has done a great job in terms of design and usability. Information is easy to find and their site is smooth to navigate. Looking at it, it is obvious that the company has just updated their website.

But, what I most care about are their services. Has the company improved their resume and cover letter writing services?
Read my ResumeEdge.com review to see what I found out about the company.

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 Resumeedge.com Quality

Considering that they just got back into the business, all feedback online was aged and not reliable. In order to evaluate the service, I decided to place an order and wait for the results.

Seeing that ResumeEdge specializes in resumes and cover letters, I decided to opt for professional resume writing. Unfortunately, the resume I got was of very poor quality. The writer added all our information in order, but made too many mistakes in content and failed to format our resume!

If I would send this resume as a part of a job application, the employer would dismiss it without a second thought.

 ResumeEdge.com Customer Support

After receiving the paper we ordered for this ResumeEdge review, we rushed to tell the customer service about our bad experience and ask for a revision. After all, the company gives you 7 days after delivery to send the resume for revision.

This part was an even bigger disappointment. Resume Edge is the first company we have reviewed without a 24/7 customer service! They work from 9am to 9pm eastern time, so we were unable to reach them at the time!

Even after reaching their agents, we were not very happy with the customer support. The agent took plenty of time to answer to our request, after which he approved the revision.

 ResumeEdge.com Delivery

As explained on the official website, their ordering process takes several steps. Despite the fact that the company specializes in writing resumes, it took us plenty of time until delivery.

Firstly, you'd have to complete the questionnaire about resume information. Afterwards, the company will spend 45 minutes with you on the phone to 'get clarity around the questionnaire'. Finally, after providing them with all this info, they will start working on the resume.

That is not all! The first resume you will get in 3 days is actually a draft, after which you have 7 days to ask for revisions.
Therefore, I got a bad paper ordered through their exhausting ordering process, accompanied by terrible customer support system. Overall, I would rate this company as a bad choice for people who need writing services.

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 ResumeEdge.com Payment Options

There are only 4 payments methods available: Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

 ResumeEdge.com Discount System

I cannot tell you anything about options because I did not find discount options.

3 thoughts on “ResumeEdge.com Review (4.3/10)

  1. I thought that other ResumeEdge reviews were fake, and lied about these guys. But the service is not really that professional as they present themselves to be. Not a single claim is true, everything is of lower quality than it should be for that price.

  2. Please listen to my Resume Edge review and save yourself some time and money, especially if you’re on a tight budget. They’re pretty okay when it comes to writing, but that price tho. It’s insanely expensive, especially if you’re on a budget.

  3. I definitely didn’t have an EDGE with the resume they sent me. I thought about giving them an okay ResumeEdge.com review, but they are unfortunately not worth it. Don’t waste your money and write it yourself, because you could do it yourself at that quality.

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