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ResumeGo.net Overview

If you visit resumego.net, you will get the impression that this is not a resume writing service, but a website where you can look into free templates and get a free resume and LinkedIn critique. This sounds amazing, but unfortunately, it is not really true.

The company has invested a great deal of time in making the website attractive to the customer. In our opinion, they got carried away, since most of the website is filled with sample resumes and false promises such as 'get a free resume'. If you take a look around, you will learn that not only resumes here are paid, but they actually come at a very high rate.

Apparently, the three package options here are based on the years of experience the person has. For example, you need the Premium package if you are a student or have less than 2 years of working experience, but you need the executive package if you have more than 20 years of experience. Interestingly, even though people with more experience are known to have higher chances at getting the job, the price for the latter is double the price from the Premium package.

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 ResumeGo.net Quality

The quality is average, which is not something you want to hear if you have paid $300-400 for a resume service. With such high pricing, we expected to receive top-notch service, but this company failed to meet our expectations.

In addition to all this, you cannot find urgent services with resumego.net. The company offers a single deadline option and that is the 3-day deadline. After you get your paper, you have 7 days to send it for a revision.

The revision time frame works well since the company revises resumes rapidly. However, even after the third revision, we still cannot fit the quality to the paid price.

 ResumeGo.net Customer Support

The website of the service is very strange and extremely limited in terms of information provided. This means that you won't be able to find important details about the company, one of them being information about the location of the company or the customer support.

Their customer service is mostly offline, which is something you can check at the right bottom of the page. This means that the company does not have a round-the-clock customer service, but works in limited hours only.

For a premium resume service that charges hundreds of dollars for a single resume, this is a huge disadvantage.

 ResumeGo.net Delivery

As we said, there is only one deadline option here. Fortunately, the company sticks to this promise, since we found no negative feedback online regarding this matter. However, feedback online suggested what we already found out about the company- that this is highly overpriced company for the average quality they offer.

When you pay a high bid, you expect a high-quality paper – that comes without saying. However, this company's website information and pricelist is very strange and incomplete, indicating that the company is not as good as they promise to be. In addition to this, our experience leads us to believe that this is an expensive service that delivers not-so-good resumes.

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 ResumeGo.net Payment Options

They accept credit and debit cards from Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.

 ResumeGo.net Discount System

There are no discounts available.

2 thoughts on “ResumeGo.net Review (4.9/10)

  1. I am current client for ResumeGo. They provide very attractive website, but terrible customer service (can’t find contact phone number) and very long lead time. I have been waiting for almost 2 weeks and still not even get any resume from writer.
    I might just request refund for this bad service

  2. My experience was the same. It took weeks, and the finished product looked like they took only an hour to throw it together. If I new it was going to take that long and look that bad, I could have done it myself.

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