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ResumeProfessionalWriters.com Overview

After checking out few ResumeProfessionalWriters reviews, I wasn’t sure what to expect. The company gets good scores on one or two website, but it mostly gets complaints by real users. I decided to evaluate it in my own, unbiased ResumeProfessionalWriters.com review.

The website looks pretty nice. You can see the services the company provides. The prices are transparent. However, there’s a big problem: you don’t see a terms and conditions section. Yes, there’s a FAQ page and the company explains its policies here and there, but a site without transparent policy is a shady site.

The order process is too simple, and we don’t mean that in a nice way. You just choose a package and proceed with the payment. The order form leaves you no space to include any details. Once the company receives the order and processes the payment, they will send you a questionnaire. You can either answer those questions or submit an old resume they can review.

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 ResumeProfessionalWriters.com Quality

If you expected to see a positive ResumeProfessionalWriters review, I'm sorry to disappoint you. I rarely use the word awful in my reviews. Well, there’s a first time for everything. The quality of this resume was absolutely awful.

First of all, the questionnaire we got was too dry and impersonal. They only ask for the usual information, such as skills, education, and experience. We were quite disappointed. I got a general resume format that just included that information I provided in the questionnaire. You could easily do that by downloading a template and adding those details. That wouldn’t cost over a hundred bucks.

ResumeProfessionalWriters.com Customer Support

The representatives at ResumeProfessionalWriters.com will keep bugging you on chat while you’re exploring the website. However they magically disappear once you place the order. I tried to get them to connect us with the writer. I wanted a more personal interview that would lead to a better resume. They ignored that request.

In addition to the live chat feature, you also get a phone number and a useful form as contact options.

 ResumeProfessionalWriters.com Delivery

There are several issues with the content at ResumeProfessionalWriters, so that should be the first warning sign. We couldn’t talk to the writer throughout the process. The company says you can do that if you submit a request, but that didn’t work.


The turnaround time for a basic resume is 4 business days. We expected the first draft sooner, but that didn’t happen. We got the first draft in 4 days and it wasn’t what we expected. The writer provided only one revision and gave up on the order after that.

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 ResumeProfessionalWriters.com Payment Options

I liked the service accepts PayPal as far as Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

 ResumeProfessionalWriters.com Discount System

I didn't find any discount for me as for new client

One thought on “ResumeProfessionalWriters.com Review (4.0/10)

  1. n my honest opinion, I would have loved that they are a little bit more affordable. Would have given them a good resumeprofessionalwriters com review if they were the slightest bit cheaper, which they could be, as other companies are much cheaper.

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