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To be honest, before I came across selectresumes.com.au in my search result, I had never heard of the service. But, they spoke highly of their writers and mentioned ‘expertly written resumes’. So, I decided – why not give it a test run?

There was one thing that confused me, though, and immediately when I opened the homepage. The company spoke of writing resumes and ‘key selection criteria’. This is a very strange statement that I decided to look further into. The truth is, Selectresumes writes resumes and other application products, and this is simply some attempt to explain their work on resumes. Rather vague and confusing, though.

To my big disappointment, the prices turned out to be much more than I expected I’d spend on a resume. I also ended up being rather disappointed by the flaws I found in their work. It turned out that the service isn’t popular for a reason. I will be discussing the reason in the sections below.
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Selectresumes.com.au Quality

Firstly, I should share with you my experience with the ordering. It was a torture. The company decided to hide their prices from website visitors, so I spent almost a day waiting for them to provide a quote via e-mail. You have to submit your requirements for them to give you a price.

When they gave me the price, it was almost $200 for a resume and a LinkedIn profile update. This package is higher priced than most I have paid for online, so I naturally expected great things from them.

In return for the small fortune, they gave me a resume that did not work at all. I didn’t get called for a single interview and I had to fix some typos before I even submitted it. The LinkedIn profile was almost the same as it was when I sent it for editing, so no good came out of that deal, either.

SelectResumes Customer Support

Since it took them hours to send me a quote, you can already assume that my experience with the support didn’t go as expected, either. They have a phone number, so when I received the resume, I decided to reach out to them directly instead of via e-mail.

The response I got was fast, but they did not give me a full refund as is indicated on the website. I was told that I don’t meet the criteria for a revision, too, so I was left with nothing.


The only good thing I can say about my experience with Select Resumes is that they didn’t delay the product’s delivery. Despite the fact that it took them forever to respond with a quote, as soon as I paid them, they took the deadline seriously. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same about the work they did on the resume or the LinkedIn profile.
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