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StandOutinPhilly.com Overview

Standoutinphilly.com is the number 1 Philadelphia resume service on Yelp, according to their website. However, we found some indications that this company is not what it promises to be, which is a bit concerning. For starters, even though the company has done a great job in creating the website design and content, there is a serious lack of service options on it. With only two packages to choose from, standoutinphilly.com has one of the most limited services list in the market.

When you look into their website, you will find that it is professionally designed and contains the right amount of information. For example, this company provides its website visitors with a good page of resume samples, some detailed information about the company and the ordering process.

Still, you can only choose between the 'essentials' and 'premium' package, both of which are outrageously high priced!

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 StandOutinPhilly.com Quality

Once we read the '#1 Philadelphia resume service' quote on the website, we thought we finally came across a company that delivers quality resumes. However, you will find that feedback online indicates the opposite. In a matter of fact, most of the comments from customers of this service are negative.

What we found out here is that the website is not as well planned as we originally thought. You will find that the company offers some other services aside from the two packages, including the elevator speech service and cover letter service. However, customers have complained about the quality of all these services at some point or another.

As for the LinkedIn update that comes in this package, all you get are some tips and guides that you can basically find in any forum or good article online.

 StandOutinPhilly.com Customer Support

Even though the customer service of the company is very effective and professional, you'd be surprised to know that the company failed to provide customers with a 24/7 customer service. This means that you won't get urgent assistance here and you have to get in touch with the service within their working hours.

You can choose to leave a message in the messaging field on the right bottom of the page, or write an e-mail to the address listed on the website. Their working hours are 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.

 StandOutinPhilly.com Delivery

Unfortunately, the quality of our ordered resume confirmed the majority of comments about the service online. Even though we went for the higher priced package, we got what we consider to be a poor representation of our skills and small chance at getting a solid shot at the job.

Seeing that they have set working hours and do not provide round-the-clock services, this is not the service to choose if your deadline is tight. Other than this, their on-time delivery is good.

Overall, we are looking at a company that has invested a lot into their marketing strategy, making you believe that this is the best resume writing service in the area. But our experience, combined with the evaluation of the website and online feedback leads us to believe that this is not the best source for quality resumes that will get you the job you want.

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 StandOutinPhilly.com Payment Options

I found 4 payments methods available: Discover, MasterCard, Visa and American Express.

 StandOutinPhilly.com Discount System

The service does not have any discounts but a resume writer with experience in your industry will get in touch to answer your questions free.

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