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SuccessfulResume.com.au Overview

Successful Resume is an Australian writing service that appeared in 2017 and didn’t manage to build great reputation so far. Not many job applicants use it, mainly because of the lack of transparency regarding the prices.

When there’s no info about the prices at the site, you assume they are too high. If they were affordable, the company would proudly feature the quotes at its website. In this case that rule proves to be true. The company charges more than double from the market’s average.

To get your price, you have to contact the support and upload a resume. All that effort just for a quote? It’s too complicated and it doesn’t work when you have more convenient websites to try. It’s no wonder why so many potential users are turned off after checking out the site.

But we placed an order, just to see what quality the team delivers. It was below average and didn’t meet our standards.
The decent blog is the only good thing about this website.
successfulresumes.com.au overview

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SuccessfulResume Quality

The site tries to convince you that this is Australia’s leading CV and resume writing service. That’s not true. There’s no such ranking that determines the definite leader in this industry. There are only independent reviewers, and none of them ranks this service high.

We got a resume that was okay, but it wasn’t impressive. It’s just the usual resume that a hiring manager sees every day. It was generic and showed no personality. The writer failed to include the candidate’s main interests, which we clearly outlined when placing the order. I guess they didn’t fit in the template she was using.

SuccessfulResume.com.au Customer Support

No words can describe how terrible the support here is. In the Contact Us section, you see a form that requires your name, email, phone, and postcode. Plus, it asks you to upload a resume and submit the form. It’s not a contact form. It’s the first step of an order.

If you want to contact the support after you order, you’ll have to use the email they contacted you through. In our case, no one ever read those messages.

SuccessfulResume Delivery

The delivery took four days. That’s within the 3-5 business days timeframe they mention at their site.

From that aspect, the writer did well.

But this was not a satisfactory resume for the price. When we tried to complain about that, no one answered. The money was gone and a refund was out of the question. They don’t have a refund policy and they don’t promise such thing at the website. So they claim their right to ignore you.

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