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TopResume.com Overview

There are few TopResume reviews you can find online, but none of them is complete. Some of the users seem happy with the service; others are utterly disappointed. I decided to check out this service and give you a more precise TopResume review.

At first sight, it looks like a nice website. You immediately get an offer to upload your resume for a free expert review. That doesn’t work as expected for most users. They only get a brief critique, telling them that the resume is no good and offering them to place an order for a better one.

The ordering process is simple: you introduce yourself and provide the needed information, and then the company assigns your order to a writer. The company offers three service packages: Professional Growth, Career Evolution, and Executive Priority. All of them are super expensive. Unfortunately, the quality doesn’t match the price. It’s no wonder why so many customers are disappointed with the results they get from this service.

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  TopResume.com Quality

“An expertly written and keyword-optimized resume that sets you apart.” That’s how the Professional Growth package (which only includes a resume) is described. You get a promise for a properly formatted resume. It should be keyword-optimized, so it would pass through Applicant Tracking Systems.

What did we get? The resume was formatted just fine. However, it was so stuffed with keywords that it was practically unreadable. It lacked uniqueness and characters. It was just a plain, no-good resume you can get with any resume generating software out there.

For a price this high, it’s only natural for the customers to expect more.

 TopResume.com Customer Support

The customer support system at TopResume is relatively reliable. You can reach the representatives by email or by phone. You can also send a quick message using the form in the contact section. Maybe you won’t get an instant response since the team is available from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. ET. However, they do a decent job responding to the requests.

The agents can’t do anything about the quality. You can complain if you don’t like the resume, but they will only forward your request for revision. From there on, you’ll have to wait for an approval.

 TopResume.com Delivery

There was no communication with the writer whatsoever. That’s never a good thing. We just provided our instructions and the writer worked on his own. The resume was delivered on time, but the quality wasn’t acceptable. Although there’s a promise for revisions at the website, our request was not approved.

Maybe it’s a game of luck with TopResume.com. It seems like some customers are happy with what they get, but we weren’t among the chosen ones.

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 TopResume.com Payment Options

There are only 4 payments methods available: Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

 TopResume.com Discount System

I didn't find this option both for new clients and for existing ones.

7 thoughts on “TopResume.com Review (4.2 /10)

  1. Want an honest Top Resume review? They could be worse, but they could be a lot better. If you are in a hurry and absolutely suck at writing, this is great. But if you’re a perfectionist this might not be the best choice for you.

  2. BEWARE! I’ve read such an awful TopResume.com review online, and I wouldn’t trust them too much. If someone was that dissatisfied with them, there has to be some truth to the claim. Just do your research before you place an order.

  3. I don’t understand the people that rave about these guys. A lot of TopResume reviews praise them, but they are awful to me. They are expensive, slow and their customer support is rude as hell. Not buying, not recommending ever again.

  4. Just ordered 12 hours ago. Received an email this morning for me to send them URL’s (links to them) on three jobs I would be interested in. Well, I hired them to do my resume. I was never told I would have to do this. They must watch the on line career sites. They emailed me with a critique of the resume I was sending out. Now, they are saying there are no refunds. I will do it myself, since they want me to do most of the work anyway. Filed a complaint with my credit union.

  5. Their marketing suggests that they use quantifiable metrics (the ATS report) to develop your resume so that it will beat the screening bots. This is not true. While I got a free ATS report from my initial evaluation, I had to repeatedly ask for the report after each revision – which took time as they didn’t have one on hand. This suggests that the ATS report was neither consulted, or used during the process – which goes against their own marketing.
    I also purchased their LinkedIn package since, like the ATS report, their marketing suggested that they knew some sort of secret that no one else knew. They don’t. All of their “tips” were pulled directly from LinkedIn’s best practices.

    I will say that, after a lot of headache with my first writer (who ghosted me for a week after giving me the first draft) my second writer did do a far better job than I could have ever done myself. I would recommend using TopResume, but don’t buy the high-end packages and don’t expect them to have any secrets other than just good writing skills – which a lot of people do have.

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