How to Write a Cover Letter for Internship

When you’re applying for an internship, you should show how you would be useful for the specific organization. The cover letter has a goal to blend your ambitions with the needs of the organization.

Why Do You Need a Cover Letter for Internship?

What exactly is an internship cover letter? You still address your cover letter the same way you would for any job position. However, the content of this cover letter is different from the one you find in a typical cover letter. When applying for a job, the cover letter focuses on what you’ve done. When applying for an internship, it’s focused on what you want to do. Did vs. want to do – that’s the main difference.

Do you absolutely need one? Yes. Let’s say you know how to write internship resume and you do it really well. It won’t be enough. The resume is a very specific document based on facts. The cover letter shows your wish and willingness to invest your efforts in the organization’s goals and mission. It shows how you’d make a good fit for the position. You’ll include examples that prove your value. The cover letter will enhance the appeal and relevance of the job application.

The only question is: how do you write it? As always, you’ll find practical tips at It’s time to start working harder to get that internship!

Tips: How to Write the Best Internship Cover Letter Sample

It’s time for the ultimate tips on how to write a cover letter for an internship. Ready?

  1. Introduce Yourself

This section has to be targeted, so the hiring manager will know you’re not sending the same cover letter everywhere.

  • Tell who you are and what position you’re applying to. Since you’re writing your name at the end of the cover letter, it’s okay to skip the who I am part. You can start with something like “I am very interested in the internship with the Media Relations department in your organization during the summer.”
  • Tell how you heard about this position. If someone important told you about this internship opportunity, name them.
  1. Give Some Background

Once you go through that introduction, it’s time to give some background info on what you’re currently doing.

  • Mention your studies. Then, focus on your career perspectives. What do you want to do with your major? How does this internship fit in?
  • It’s what you can do about them; not what they can do about you. Writing “I believe your organization will help me start my way to a great career,” is egocentric. Why would an employer help you? By giving you the opportunity for an internship, they should know how they benefit from it. Try something like “I believe in the mission of the National Library and I would be excited to contribute towards its development.”
  1. Mention What You’ve Done

This is why so many students don’t know how to write an internship cover letter: they don’t have much experience to mention.

That’s okay. You can write about the volunteer work and extracurricular activities you’ve been engaged with.

  1. Provide Your Contact Information

If the hiring manager likes what you offer, they should be able to contact you right away. Don’t forget to close the cover letter with your contact info.

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Main Points: Writing Cover Letters for Internships

So what are the most important things to keep in mind when wondering how to write a cover letter for internship?
It’s not the same thing as a cover letter for a job. It’s more focused on your future and the way this internship helps you realize your goals.

It must be targeted towards the specific organization. You can’t write a universal cover letter for an internship.
You should show your value for this organization. Ask yourself: how will this employer benefit from your presence in their team?

It’s okay to get inspired by a template. It will keep you within the proper format. However, do not repeat the same sentences you read in templates. Hiring managers have seen them hundreds of times before. Focus on your needs and values. You need to craft a unique cover letter. You can do it!

If you can’t do it, a professional writer can help.

Cover Letter Format Internship

The above-listed tips will help you maintain the proper format and include all needed information.

Do you really want this internship? If you have the needed motivation, it will shine through the cover letter!

Ultimate Tips: How to Write a Cover Letter for Internship

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