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VelvetJobs.com Overview

VelvetJobs – what kind of name is that? Will your job be smooth as velvet? I don’t get it. If you’re looking for an appealing and usable website, this isn’t the one. Simplicity is always nice, but when it comes in the form of a black-and-white website, nothing stands out and it’s difficult to find the feature you’re looking for. After a moment spent at the website, I started wondering: does VelvetJobs.com provide resume writing services at all?

Let’s see: there’s a resume builder, but that’s not what I need. Under the For Candidates option in the main menu, you’ll see a drop-down menu Resume Experts. That’s where you need to go. The prices are quite expensive for any standard. There’s no information about the writers and their qualifications. Based on what we got, we would hardly say they are experts.

If you were looking for VelvetJobs reviews, stick around. I have more information for you.

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 VelvetJobs.com Quality

New resume that ranks highly with application tracking systems.” That’s the promise you get when you pick the cheapest option at the website - Professional Resume. It costs $199, so don’t let that cheapest at the website detail confuse you. It’s still quite expensive.

For this price, you would expect a real expert to craft you a unique, winning resume. The resume we got was far from unique. Take a look at the samples featured at the website. We got the exact same resume, with the same keywords and similar details. The writer didn’t bother exploring the industry and mentioning the most relevant skills first.

 VelvetJobs.com Customer Support

The support system is an important aspect of our VelvetJobs review. Again, I was disappointed. There’s no live chat feature. That would be okay if there was a phone number, but you don’t get one. You only get a form that allows you to send a request. I did that but got no response.

Leaving the customer without answers after he just spent $200 on your website is a highly unprofessional thing to do.

 VelvetJobs.com Delivery

The resume writer contacted me one day after the order was placed. He required a resume. The process of “writing” took an entire week. Considering the fact he didn’t write anything new, this was a very long time to wait.

If you were expecting a positive VelvetJobs.com review, I'm sorry to disappoint you. Guess what: you don’t get revisions with this service. There’s no such term in the policies. The writer refused to improve the resume.

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 VelvetJobs.com Payment Options

They accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

 VelvetJobs.com Discount System

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5 thoughts on “VelvetJobs.com Review (5.3/10)

  1. Before you invest your money and time with these guys, pay attention to velvetjobs reviews! They really aren’t that good as they say, and the customer support could be more responsive than they are. This isn’t professionalism.

  2. I liked most aspects of their service, but this velvet jobs review is negative because of their customer support. They were so rude, and wouldn’t answer my question! As if I’m supposed to know more about them on my own!

  3. I thought because of another velvetjobs.com review that these guys were experts but the quality of writing isn’t really that good. In fact, it’s not worth what they charge for. I could have written such a resume myself.

  4. Well, they could write better for such price. I ordered resume for my first job after college. It was written unprofessional like example described here: four years experience for 19 years old, full-time job! Really?
    Also I got some problems with payment…
    Order somewhere on another site

  5. Found a job on a LinkedIn website for Velvet Jobs. It was for a very popular employer in town, so I did some looking to see if Velvet Jobs was a legitimate site or not. What amused me is that they had copied and pasted the job description into their own job posting – including the part original employer had added, about “[COMPANY] is not accepting search firms for this position and will not compensate any firms for referring the right candidate.”

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